Instant Pot Acessory Set

by Casa Verde


We believe that this is the best accessory set on the market.  A lot of others give you trinkets and undersized pieces not that relevant to Instant Pot PIP cooking.  We have just the right selection to dramatically enhance your PIP cooking and make you a better Instant Pot Chef!

Basic Pot-In-Pot Rice Recipe in About 15 Minutes

Comes Out Perfect Every Time!

This is about as basic as it gets! Using a RAINIER Insert Pan for your Instant Pot to make the most common food in the world. But it does it perfect every time!

RAINIER Insert Pans come as two stackable pans with a handle and you can cook with one or both pans. In this instance we just used one pan to make the amount of rice we needed. The handle acts as a trivet and makes it easy to get the pan in and out of your Instant Pot. Using the pot-in-pot method, the Instant Pot liner contains only water, so clean up is a snap.

RAINIER Dual Stackable Insert Pans are the best on the market – or almost on the market. They will hit Amazon about December 1. Sign up on this website to get our free recipe book and to be on our mailing list for special discounts on our products – and there will be deals during the holidays.

Colleen’s Best Ever Potato Soup

My daughter-in-law uses a family recipe to make the best Potato Soup I have ever eaten.  The kids love it, the adults love, the neighbors love it, the dog loves it – everybody loves this soup!

Put the entire 5 lb of potatoes in your Casa Verde Steamer Basket and cook for 30 minutes on High, Pressure Cook in your 6 or 8 qt. Instant Pot.

 Every other Potato Soup recipe just falls flat after tasting this one.  Like some other Southern dishes, I think the key is the bacon.  Did I mention that I love bacon?