How to Use Straw Silencers

The RAINIER Stainless Steel Straw Set comes complete with unique Straw Silencers and Tips to quiet rattling and protect your teeth and lips.

Comfort Tips Protect Lips and Teeth

RAINIER is the inventor of the Comfort Tip, an ergonomic sipping attachment, designed to protect your lips and teeth from extreme hot / cold temps and eliminate tooth-to-metal contact.

This is especially important when drinking a really hot or cold drink like coffee or a frozen cocktail.  A steel straw maintains the temperature of your drink all the way to your mouth. Hot drinks can burn your lips and cold drinks can cause the straw to actually become coated with a thin layer of ice!  RAINIER’s silicone Comfort Tips provide essential protective insulation to allow you to sip and enjoy the many benefits of stainless steel straws without getting blisters or frostbite.

The genius of the simple design of RAINIER Comfort Tips is that the liquid being sipped does not go through or touch a properly installed tip.  And, unlike some other tips, a Comfort Tip is very unlikely to come off unless purposefully take off.  This means the tips will stay clean, secure on the straw, and won’t get lost.  And other tips can reduce flow through the straw by 15% or more.  They are dishwasher safe and can be left on the straws when washing.


Straw Silencers Anchor Straws and Prevents Rattling

RAINIER’s also invented the Straw Silencer attachments to eliminate rattling and hold the straws in a fixed position in your tumblers. These are made of soft silicone and, if needed, they can be easily trimmed for a customized fit with any lid.

Follow these steps to install Straw Silencers: